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About Arctic Moon Studios


Our Mission:

  • To design and develop games that the world wants to play.

Our Vision:

  • To take online gaming to newer levels, explore non-traditional game mechanics, and be the leader in web-based browser gaming.

Our Values:

  • Quality - Deliver only the best gaming experiences every time
  • Dedication - Remember who our customers are and where we are because of them
  • Excellence - We put forth our best to give our customers only the best

Who are we?

Arctic Moon Studios is a web development and game design company founded in 2008. We specialize in online gaming and small business website development. We also offer website design services for individuals interested in having their own personal website. Online games are where we got our start and continue to be the bulk of our companies production.

We develop games from our own ideas as well as from others who have the idea but not the know-how. All of our web games are designed with the player in mind and many incorporate features generated from player input. Our games appeal to a variety of playing styles, so check out our games section and choose the game designed for you.

Our History

Arctic Moon Studios is the collaboration between co-founders Matt Reyes and Mike Voit. Matt and Mike met in September of 2004 through work. Soon after Mike learned that Matt knew a little about web design and programming, so he approached Matt with an idea for a game. By late 2006, the duo had released their first game, "Bloodletting." Mike became the creative partner with his great ideas and Matt became the "know how" with his design and programming experience.

Shortly after the release of Bloodletting, Mike met Rob Knight. The two met through a local theater group where Mike told Rob about this new game he and Matt had created. Rob logged in and instantly fell in love with the game. Over time, Rob's passion for the game grew to an administrative support role and later he became a member of the Bloodletting development team providing invaluable design and programming experience.

After the success of Bloodletting, Matt and Mike decided it was time to expand their ideas into future games. However, the two knew that development of new projects would go much smoother if there was at least one more member on the team. Prior to establishing the company, Mike and Matt decided to bring in that third partner. Their obvious choice was their friend and fellow coder Rob. With this, in January 2008, Arctic Moon Studios was created.

Currently Arctic Moon Studios is busy designing three new games as well as designing a customizable card game based on Bloodletting. We are also in the development of two board games. More games and ideas are sure to follow as the creative juices are pouring out of their heads as you read this.