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Bloodletting Bloodletting Damnation Coffin Collector Minion Battles


The flagship game for Arctic Moon Studios, Bloodletting is based on the simple premise that if you write it...they will come. Bloodletting was designed for those who truly enjoy role-play in a texted-based format and for those who love to write. Once you register you can create one of four characters (Vampire, Slayer, Witch or Werewolf). Being that active role-play is our focus, most points are gained through role-playing in the different forums within the game. If you like a good role-play, but don't want to be very active in the forums, then there are other methods to gain points and rank. There are cities to be searched, crimes to be committed, dungeons to break out of, and death to be dealt! Check it out at www.bloodletting.org and join in on the fun!


 Bloodletting - Damnation

Bloodletting Damnation is the newest version of our hit game Bloodletting. However, it is nothing like the original. Damnation has a completely different design, interface and role-play concept which caters to both forum-based role-players and those who enjoy a little chaos. Unlike Bloodletting, each attack on another character will end in someone's death. There are also a number of other changes from the original Bloodletting so come and check it out at damnation.bloodletting.org. You won't be disappointed!


 Coffin Collector

Do you like winning free stuff?! Really... we said free!!! Coffin Collector is the latest game under development within the studios of Arctic Moon. What is it you ask? Well, since a flashy, feel good game just isn't our style (yet), Coffin Collector is a dark search and find game where you search through graveyards, find coffins and collect them to complete sets to turn in for real prizes! Or, you can open them for a chance to become an instant winner! So... if you like getting free stuff and don't mind getting your hands dirty then check out our latest creation at www.coffincollector.com! ~ Coming early 2011!


 Minion Battles

Spawned from a popular feature found in the original Bloodletting, Minion Battles is a non-stop adventure. Fight other Minions in the Battle Arenas or hone your skills against the many NPCs that are awaiting your arrival. Choose from six different races and battle your way to the top to become the true champion of Minions. You will also be able to perform searches throughout the various lands within the game to gain money or battle creatures to better train for the arena. You can also enter dungeons to prove your worth and gain untold riches to aid you in your fight to be the top Minion of the land. ~ Currently Under Development!