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Website Design Services


Arctic Moon Studios is not only a game design company, but we also design websites. We specialize in personal and small company websites. We also offer our services in assisting in the designing or programming of other games for other owners. Below are some samples of our work and a listing of packages and pricing. If you need something a little more tailored please contact us using the form below.

We specialize in HTML/XHTML web sites with the use of CSS for formatting and layout. For programming we use MySQL for web-based database development and program in Javascript, PHP and Perl. If you have questions about these methods or other methods of development then please contact us.

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Examples of our work:

Sherry's Creations

Sherry's Creations is a company which deals in Tile Mosaics. The artist, Sherry Bennett, is based in Colorado Springs, CO and has some of her works displayed throughout the city.

This is a very basic site with a fully functional gallery. Check both out!


While we would love to give you exact pricing on our site, there is no real way to do so. This is due to each project being unique based on the needs of our customers. We have included the price of what a basic five page website might be, but understand that it is still just an estimate based on simple requirements. If you wish to contact us about building a website we will be more than happy to write up a cost estimate for you.

If you would like to have us develop a comp (site composition) in Adobe Photoshop we will gladly do this. The cost is a one time fee of $50 ($100 for graphic intensive designs). If you decide to contract a website, blog or game with us then the fee for the comp is taken off of your overall price.

Example Package: Approximately $480

This package may include the following:

  • 5 Pages (Home, Content Page, Other Page, Contact Us Page, About Us Page)
  • Basic graphic development for the site layout
  • Up to 3 JPG/GIF images per page (compressing, sizing, editing, scanning)
  • Up to 200 words per page (text provided by client)
  • Up to 1 email links per page
  • Up to 2 external links per page
  • Standard site options *

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* Standard Options Include: Site Comp, Company logo (provided by client; design of logo not included), Keyword meta tags added to each page, Professional site banners, buttons, backgrounds, formatting and Free changes to website within 30 days of project completion/delivery 
 Extended Maintenance contract available for long-term support

Extended Maintenance:

On top of creating your site, we also offer an extended maintenance contract which will save you time and money if something needed to be corrected or you just needed some minor updates.

Not happy with the layout or design someone else did for you? With our maintenance contract you don't have to be an original client of ours. We will gladly maintain your site and fix any layout or formatting errors for you. *

* Repair costs are separate.

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